Baby Bassinets, Cradles and Co-Sleepers

Discover the perfect sleep solution for your little one with our comprehensive guide to bassinets, co-sleepers, and cradles, designed to provide comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

Baby Bassinets, Cradles and Co-Sleepers

Discover the perfect sleep solution for your little one with our comprehensive guide to bassinets, co-sleepers, and cradles, designed to provide comfort, safety, and peace of mind.
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Tidy Bassinet

Tidy Bassinet

Neat Bedside Sleeper

Neat Bedside Sleeper

Neat Rocking Cradle

Neat Rocking Cradle

Universal Bassinet

Universal Bassinet


Baby Bassinets and Cradles

In the early stages of your baby's life, it's essential to provide a cosy and secure sleep environment. Boori's selection of baby bassinets and cradles, including the versatile Tidy Bassinet, ensures your little one has a snug spot, whether it's by your bedside or in their nursery. Our bassinets are meticulously crafted from premium Australian wood, finished with nursery-friendly paint that accentuates the wood's natural charm.

Beyond just sleep, our innovative Tidy Bassinet can adapt to your growing child's needs, effortlessly transitioning from a sleeping haven to a changing station, bathroom storage, or even a toy box, encapsulating our commitment to functional and beautiful design in baby bassinet Australia collections.

Buy a Baby Bassinet Australia

Boori Australia is dedicated to simplifying the exhilarating journey of parenthood by providing top-notch baby bassinets tailored for your newborn's initial sleep needs.

Meticulously designed to cater to both parents and their little ones, our bassinets boast ergonomic features for effortless baby care and are complemented by sophisticated aesthetics. Dive into Boori’s exquisite range of baby bassinets and cradles to find the ideal resting spot for your baby, and explore our offerings online today!

Keep Bub Close With a Baby Cradle or Bedside Sleeper

The profound connection between a mother and her child is cherished at Boori Australia. Recognizing the significance of this closeness, we've meticulously crafted our baby cradles and bedside sleepers to foster parent-child intimacy without compromising on safety. Their gentle rocking feature aids in lulling your baby to a peaceful slumber, while the robust wooden frame assures parents of its durability.

Designed with versatility, these baby cradles and sleepers can be placed adjacent to the parents’ bed for co-sleeping or be transported throughout the home for convenience.

At Boori Australia, we echo the sentiment that a mother's embrace is unparalleled, and our cradles ensure your baby remains close to you throughout the night.

Check Out Our Range Of Sustainable Baby Bassinets

Embracing parenthood comes with its unique joys and challenges, with a paramount goal being to curate a nurturing space for your newborn. At Boori, our dedication lies in assisting you on this journey by offering baby bassinets crafted from sustainable materials. Every bassinet is thoughtfully designed using eco-friendly wood, merging exceptional quality with our commitment to the environment.

Beyond sustainability, our bassinets exude a contemporary elegance, effortlessly elevating any nursery's ambiance. With a range spanning from classic to modern aesthetics, Boori ensures there's a bassinet that resonates with every parent's vision.

Boori Baby Bassinets Australia - FAQs

Are baby bassinets safe for newborns?

Absolutely, the safety of newborns is paramount for every parent. Boori baby bassinets are meticulously crafted to be suitable for newborns.

We undertake comprehensive testing for each bassinet, guaranteeing their utmost safety. We employ non-toxic materials that prioritise your baby's well-being, providing a tranquil and secure sanctuary for their slumber.

What age should a baby be in a baby bassinet?

Typically, baby bassinets in Australia are recommended for newborns up to around six months of age or until your child can push up on their hands and knees.

It's crucial to transition babies to a crib or cot before they weigh about 9kg (around 20 pounds). Adhering to these guidelines ensures that your growing baby sleeps in a space that's both comfortable and safe for their developmental stage.

Are there Australian safety standards for baby bassinets?

There is no Australian safety standard for bassinets; however, some manufacturer's test bassinets to other international standards such as the European standard (EN 1130) or US standard (ASTM F2194).

There are also consumer advocacy organisations, such as Choice that do their own testing. This testing looks at breathability, the quality of the construction, and any potentially hazardous gaps.

Should my little one nap in the baby cradle during the day?

Yes, using a baby cradle for daytime naps can provide consistency in your baby's sleep routine.

Establishing the cradle as a regular nap space from the start promotes good sleep habits and ensures your baby is in a safe and familiar environment both day and night. Prioritising their safety and comfort is always paramount.

Is a baby bassinet necessary for a newborn?

A bassinet isn't strictly necessary for a newborn, as some families choose cribs or co-sleepers from the outset. However, bassinets offer distinct advantages like providing a dedicated yet close sleeping space, ensuring peace of mind for both baby and parents. Their compact and portable design also makes them convenient for moving around the home or travelling.

While not essential, many families find a bassinet beneficial during the initial phases of parenthood.

What is the difference between a co-sleeper and a bassinet?

A co-sleeper and a bassinet are both designed for newborns and infants, but they serve slightly different purposes.

A co-sleeper is designed to attach or sit closely beside the parent's bed, allowing easy access to the baby throughout the night. This setup is especially useful for nighttime feedings or comforting the baby without the need to fully get up.

A bassinet, on the other hand, is a standalone sleeping unit, typically portable, where the baby can sleep independently.

The choice between the two often comes down to parental preference and the desired proximity to the baby during sleep.

What's the difference between a cradle and bassinet?

While cradles and bassinets are often used interchangeably to refer to a baby's first bed, there are subtle differences between the two.

A cradle typically has a rocking or gliding feature, allowing parents or caregivers to gently rock the baby back and forth. This movement can be soothing for many infants and can help lull them to sleep. Cradles are often slightly larger and may have a more traditional design.

On the other hand, bassinets are typically stationary, with some models being portable or featuring wheels. They tend to be more compact, making them suitable for parents who want to move the baby's bed from room to room.

The choice between a cradle and a bassinet boils down to personal preference, space considerations, and whether or not parents want the rocking feature.

Is a co-sleeper better than a cot?

The choice between a co-sleeper and a cot largely depends on individual family preferences and needs.

Co-sleepers provide close proximity, facilitating nighttime feedings and enhancing early parent-infant bonding. They're especially favoured by breastfeeding mothers and can be ideal for homes with limited space.

Cots, however, offer longevity and space for babies to grow, potentially fostering independent sleeping habits earlier on. While co-sleepers are beneficial for the initial months due to their intimacy, cots can be used for longer periods.

Whichever choice parents make, safety and comfort should always be prioritised.