Product Queries

Where can I see Boori products?

If you're in Sydney, visit our Chatswood or Moore Park stores to view a wide range of Boori products, from bassinets for newborns up to grown-up King beds.

If you're not based in Sydney, please visit our stockist page to find your nearest retailer. Items on display will vary from store to store, so if you're after a specific item we suggest that you phone ahead.

What safety standards do your baby cots meet?

All our cots meet the Australian and New Zealand safety standards AS/NZS:2172/2003

How do I know which cot mattress I need?

As part of Australian/New Zealand mandatory safety standards, the compatible mattress size for a cot must be is stated on the cot base.

Please check one of the middle slats of the base of the cot. There should be a warning sticker label clearly stating the required mattress size for your cot. Please ensure you purchase the correct mattress.

If you'd like to learn more about our mattress options, check out the Mattress article on our blog.

Are dropside cots safe to use?

A dropside cot is a cot where one side can be lowered or raised for easier access to the baby and therefore less back strain for parents.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet concerning dropside cots, which is why when doing online research, one should strive to use reliable sources that are relevant to Australian safety standards. 

Dropside cots have been banned in the USA due to dropside related accidents that resulted in deaths. However, these were a result of poorly designed dropside mechanisms and lower quality materials used. 

In Australia, dropside mechanisms and materials used in the construction of cots are devised to ensure safety is maintained over repeated use of the dropside. All cots sold in Australia need to pass the Australian/New Zealand safety standards (AS/NZS 2172: 2013); this standard includes a section where a rigorous test is used to ensure that dropsides retain their strength and integrity over multiple uses. 

If you have a dropside cot and are still concerned about its safety, simply don’t use the dropside mechanism. Most dropsides require a somewhat convoluted mechanism to activate the dropside (eg. Raising the side first and pushing the bottom in). If you just keep the side up, the cot can essentially be used as a fixed side cot.

Can all Boori cot beds turn into toddler beds?

The majority of Boori cot beds can transform into a toddler bed lasting you from birth to around 4-5 years. This involves removing one side of the cot, and attaching a Toddler Guard Panel (sold separately).

Please note that Boori compact cots canNOT be converted to a toddler bed, as they are not compatible with the Toddler Guard Panel.

Please check the relevant product page for the most accurate information.

Does my furniture come assembled?

This depends on what you’ve ordered. The majority of our furniture products are flat packed and therefore do require assembly. Read the information on the product page to determine if the furniture comes assembled or flat packed.

What safety standards do your beds meet?

Grounded beds do not have a specific Australian/New Zealand safety standard, but Boori endeavours to ensure all beds are constructed to be sturdy and safe for use. Boori bunk and loft beds comply with AS/NZS 4220:1994 Bunk Bed safety standards.

Does your furniture emit any gasses?

All new furniture products experience some level of off-gassing where VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released. However, these are usually at very low levels to ensure that they are not harmful.

VOCs can be found throughout the home including in carpets, floorboards, paints, cleaning products, and beauty products. At higher concentrations, VOCs can cause headaches and eye/nose/throat irritation.

Boori furniture uses water-based paints, which have a lower level of VOCs compared to pertroleum and oil-based paints. VOCs are kept to a minimum to ensure our furniture is safe to use around children and pregnant women.

Warranty and Care

Do you offer a manufacturer's warranty?

Boori offers warranties on most of our products. The duration depends on the product type, but usually range between 1 and 5 years. Please see our warranty page for more information.

How do I care for my Boori product?

Boori products come with an assembly guide, which includes a section with care instructions. Always ensure that you follow instructions correctly when assembling your product. 

If you need to clean your Boori furniture, please refrain from using any strong cleaning detergents. Mild soapy water with a good magic eraser sponge will usually do the trick in removing any stubborn stains.

Where can I get spare parts?

You can purchase spare parts directly on our website or through our service team. If you’re uncertain about exactly what parts you require, please contact us for assistance. You can find more information about spare parts here.

Do you sell Boori touch-up paint?

Unfortunately, Boori does not supply touch up paint. We’d advise that you take a part of your furniture to a paint specialist store and see if they can match it.

Order Information

How long does my order take to process?

Once an order is received, as long as all products in the order are in stock, the Boori team will endeavour to have the order processed and shipped out of the warehouse within 5 business days.

Once the order has left our warehouse, it is with a 3rd party carrier, and we no longer have any control over the delivery journey. However, deliveries are generally made within 10 business days of despatch.

Can I track my order?

Most orders can be tracked through the 3rd party carrier website. Stamped postage and some local deliveries don’t have a tracking number.

Once your order is shipped out of our warehouse, you should receive an email with tracking information.

How do I check my order status?

You will receive an update when your order gets shipped out from our warehouse.

How do pre-orders work?

A pre-order is a product that is available for sale but is not currently stocked at our Sydney warehouse. It is usually still on a shipping container en-route to the Sydney port.

When you make a pre-order, it will have an estimated availability range eg. “Available April” This indicates the expected date when the container will be unloaded into our warehouse.

Please note that this is only an estimate, and though accurate 90% of the time, may be impacted by unforeseen delays with shipping lines.

How do Warehouse Collections work?

Warehouse Collections are only available from the Boori Western Sydney warehouse in Eastern Creek NSW 2766.

If you’d like to organise a Warehouse Collection order, set your postcode to 1000 - this will then ensure the option shows in the checkout.

The warehouse is open for collection Mon-Fri (excl. Public holidays) between 8am and 4pm. Please ensure you bring a large enough vehicle to carry your goods with you.

If you need dimensions for the products, please email Please do not come to collect your order until you receive an email indicating the order is ready.

Warehouse collection orders are generally processed within 5 business days. Once you receive collection notification, please pick up your goods within 5 business days. Failure to do so may incur storage fees.

Does Boori price match with other retailers?

We do not price match with retailers.

Delivery Queries

Why can't I get a shipping quote on the website?

The shipping calculator works on just the postcode. Though delivery can be arranged to most addresses in Australia, there are some restrictions placed on particularly remote addresses. 

If you cannot get a delivery quote, contact with a list of the products you want to order, along with your delivery address details.

I can't see any tracking for my order

Hardware bolt orders and some local Sydney deliveries will not have tracking.

Hardware orders are sent via letter postage - though there is no tracking for this, you will be notified once the order is posted out, and you should receive delivery within 10 business days of postage.

Local Sydney orders that don't have tracking will instead have a delivery coordinator call to confirm the delivery day.

If you have an inter-state furniture or textile order, you will receive an email with tracking information once the order has left the Boori warehouse.

Can you delay delivery for me?

Once an order has been received, and all stock is available, the Boori team will process the order.

We will usually not hold off/delay delivery for in-stock orders, so please ensure you are ready to receive your goods.

In certain special circumstances, we can hold a delivery for a maximum of one week. You will have to email us to arrange this.

Do you deliver outside of Australia?

This is our Boori Australia website where we only offer delivery within Australia. If you are based overseas and interested in Boori products, there may be an international stockist in your area. Send an email to and we can try to assist.

How long does delivery take?

It will usually take the Boori team 2 to 5 business days to process the order, and then another 2 to 10 business days for the items to be delivered.

Orders containing pre-ordered items will vary in their delivery timeframe, depending on the estimated availability date provided.

Will the delivery person take my goods to a room?

Deliveries are made by third party carriers.

Deliveries are to the front door of the home. This is due to added health risks (Covid, physical injury) associated with room-specific deliveries, as well as potential liabilities due to clumsy accidents when in the property.

If you live in an apartment building, the delivery person is only required to deliver to the ground floor of the building. If you have lift access, you can request they take the item/s to your floor, but it is up to the delivery person if they deem this do-able based on their company's policies.

Payment Methods

What payment methods are accepted by Boori?

Our website allows for payment via most credit and debit cards, PayPal, as well as the Buy Now Pay Later options: Afterpay and ZipPay

Do you offer any discount codes?

We currently don’t have any active discount codes. The majority of Boori promotional sales will have special prices displayed on the product page and collections pages.

Do you offer lay by options?

Boori do not offer any lay by options on our website. If you do want to pay over time, you can use one of the Buy Now Pay Later options available: AfterPay and ZipPay. Alternatively, if you are in the Sydney area, you can visit our Chatswood or Moore Park Store to make a lay by order.

Where can I get a Boori gift card?

We don't sell Boori gift cards directly through our website; however, if you do want to purchase a Boori gift card, our staff can assist with this as a manual order. Please call us (02 9833 3769) or email