Baby Changing Stations, Change Tables & Changing Trays

Discover stylish and practical solutions for your nursery with our range of versatile changing tables, ensuring every nappy change is a seamless experience.

Baby Changing Stations, Change Tables & Changing Trays

Discover stylish and practical solutions for your nursery with our range of versatile changing tables, ensuring every nappy change is a seamless experience.
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Nappy Change Tables

Elevate your nursery with Boori's meticulously crafted collection of solid wood baby changing tables, change trays, and change pads. These elegant pieces not only offer a convenient baby changing station, but also provide ample storage space with spacious drawers and shelves, perfect for neatly stashing nappies, creams, and muslin cloths.

With a finishing touch of our nursery-friendly paint that accentuates the natural beauty of the wood grain, our change tables effortlessly sync with other Boori collections, setting the tone for a harmonious nursery ambience.

Your One-Stop Shop for Baby Change Tables

Our expansive selection at Boori is all about merging function with style, presenting you with a range of change tables tailored to simplify nappy changing tasks, all the while ensuring your little one's utmost comfort.

Delve into our assortment which includes timeless wooden changing tables, pristine white changing stations, and versatile baby change trays, each destined to be a chic addition to any nursery theme.

Stylish and Functional Change Tables

With a rich palette of colours and innovative designs, our changing tables cater to diverse nursery aesthetics and needs. Whether you're leaning towards a modern touch or a classic appeal, our tables are crafted to blend seamlessly with your existing nursery decor.

Storage Solutions for Your Baby's Essentials

Bid goodbye to clutter with our thoughtfully designed change tables. Integrated with drawers and shelves, they're the perfect storage solution, ensuring nappies, wipes, and other baby essentials are always within arm's reach during those quick nappy changes, maintaining a tidy and serene nursery environment.

Boori Baby Changer - FAQ

What types of change tables does Boori offer?

Boori boasts a diverse array of change tables tailored for every nursery style. Our range encompasses classic wooden changing tables, crisp white changing tables, and versatile baby changing stations, ensuring that every parent finds the perfect fit for their little one's nursery aesthetics and functional needs.

Do Boori's change tables provide storage options?

Certainly! Boori change tables are crafted with ample storage solutions in mind, some boasting spacious drawers and shelves. This design ensures that essentials like nappies and wipes are within arm's reach during nappy changes, making the process seamless and efficient.

How can I trust the quality of Boori's change tables?

Boori is committed to delivering premium quality across our entire range. Each of our change tables undergoes rigorous testing for stability and longevity, ensuring parents have a dependable and safe space for their baby during changing times.

How can I find the ideal changing table for my nursery on your website?

If you're on the lookout for the ideal changing table, our online platform provides an intuitive experience. With our user-friendly search and filter functionalities, finding a change table that aligns with your specific needs - be it colour, size, or storage capabilities - is a breeze.

Does Boori offer mobile change tables?

And yes, for those parents seeking flexibility in their nursery, Boori offers mobile change tables equipped with wheels. This design allows you to effortlessly transition the change table across different rooms, ensuring you have a convenient changing spot wherever you are in your home.

How long do babies need a changing table?

The use of a changing table is more about convenience for parents than a specific age requirement for babies. Typically, changing tables are most commonly used during a baby's first year, when nappy changes are frequent. However, many parents continue to use them into the toddler years, especially if the changing table is integrated with storage solutions for clothing or other essentials.

Once your child is potty-trained and no longer requires regular nappy changes, the need for a changing table diminishes. That said, the exact duration can vary based on individual needs and the design of the changing table, especially if it's convertible and can be repurposed for other uses.

Can I use a dresser as a changing table?

Many parents use a dresser as a changing table for space-saving and aesthetics. Ensure the dresser is waist-high for comfortable changing and secure a non-slip changing pad on top. For easy access, store essentials like nappies and wipes in the top drawers.

Safety is paramount; always keep one hand on your baby and anchor the dresser to the wall to prevent tipping. As your child grows, the dresser can easily transition to regular storage, making it a versatile choice for nurseries.