Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Ones

Have you thought about what you’ll be getting the little ones for Christmas? With plenty of adverts on the telly and shop windows brimming with enticing delights, choosing gifts for children can be overwhelming. So, we’re keeping it simple… With a good old-fashioned list of products we’re loving in the hope of inspiring you this festive season!


Kassie Kangaroo




What’s your most treasured Christmas stocking filler memory? Was it the comforting sight of a cuddly toy peering over the top of your stocking as you opened one eye in the dead of night? Thought so. That’s why Kassie Kangaroo is on our Christmas gift list.

She’s always ready for a cuddle, with smiley embroidered features, a round body and a squishy nose. She nods to our Australian heritage, and we think Kassie makes a refreshing change to the traditional teddy bear!


Tidy Toy Box



There is nothing worse than the sight of a child’s cluttered bedroom post-Christmas. Watching your children unveil their huge new collection of toys is endearing but wondering where on earth they’re going to store them is not.

The Tidy Toy Box features plenty of internal storage space for toys and space on top as a shelf or bench. It’s even got wheels, making it easier for your little one to tidy their toys away after playing… (wishful thinking, perhaps).

Feel like a present for yourself? Ok, maybe it is, but pop Kassie Kangaroo in there for a surprise, and you’re covered.


Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board



Invest in your child’s development by choosing play-and-learn pieces this Christmas. Choose items which will promote learning whilst your little one has oodles of fun.

The Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board features both a whiteboard and blackboard alongside a set of chalk, pens and an eraser: it’ll have them quietly starting on their masterpiece so you can sit back and watch their inner Picasso develop throughout the holidays. Both sides of the board are also magnetic, making it the perfect place for learning with magnetic alphabet cards or dominoes!


Tidy Balance Board



Encourage your little one's development with the Tidy Balance Board! Made from sustainably-sourced engineered timber and finished in a soft, curved shape, this board provides endless opportunities for imaginative play while also supporting motor skill growth. Plus, its felt anti-slip base ensures kids can enjoy their fun safely and quietly—all while protecting floors. So let them explore: who knows where their curiosity may lead?


Thetis Activity Gym



Want to give your little adventurer something special? Thetis Activity Mini Gym might just be the answer! This indoor climbing frame is designed to spark all kinds of imaginative play, making it perfect for dreamers and doers. Kids can scramble up a ladder or cargo net to reach the top of a castle, whoosh down the slide, hop onto the swing and more.

 Best of all, it's crafted from sustainable wood and engineered timber, so it'll stand up to plenty of use - whether it's a magical expedition or an epic movie marathon! Encourage them to create their own world with the Thetis Activity Mini Gym today.

Tidy Clothing Rack



Now – somewhere to hang up their fancy dress delights… The Tidy Clothing Rack encourages independence, with the petite frame putting clothing within easy reach of your child. They can easily grab their fancy dress costumes, Christmas Day outfit, or if you’re brave… dress themselves for a day at school! (we’re not promising you won’t see some wild clothing combinations…)

As well as the additional two shelves that make space for folded clothes or shoes, the Tidy Clothing Rack also features a fun height scale so your little ones can watch themselves grow.


Tidy Multipurpose Slide



Take playtime to a whole new level this Christmas. Not only can the Tidy Multipurpose Slide be used as a small slide for toddlers, but it can also be turned into a drawing board or foot step stool!

This understated and stylish piece crafted from sustainable timber is designed to complement our new Tidy Toy cabinet, providing the perfect amount of fun and practicality for your playroom or kids’ bedroom.

Looking for more inspiration for products your children will love for their bedroom? Take a look at our blog post, which talks you through choosing items for the bedroom that you AND your child will appreciate.

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