Create an Easy Indoor Obstacle Course

Perhaps it’s been a run of rainy days and you’re out of ideas, maybe it’s the school holiday’s and you’re not sure how to occupy your child and their friends anymore, or could it be painting by numbers is no longer hitting the spot and all homework is complete. Whatever it is, you find yourself asking ‘what next’?

Prevent your little angels from rearranging your sofa cushions for their obstacle course by getting there first: set up an array of activities in your child’s bedroom or playroom! Make it a challenge to encourage some healthy competition, by using our Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board to chart up the scores.


Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board


Keep reading to hear our ideas for the ultimate DIY obstacle course, which are great ideas for use all year round.


Up the Pikler Mountain!


Begin your indoor obstacle challenge with our Tidy Climbing Triangle.


Tidy Climbing Triangle


Little ones can begin their obstacle course by ascending one side and climbing down the other. Keep them interested by attaching treasure to the top of the triangle that your little ones must retrieve to complete the task!

Once the course is over, a sheet draped over the top of the Triangle makes for a cosy spot for reading when the weather isn’t great.


Down the Mountain Slide


Once the big climb is complete, it’s time to whizz down the exciting mountain slide!


Mountain Slide


Our Tidy Multipurpose Slide offers a great thrill for toddlers, and as they grow older, it can later be used as a drawing board and foot step stool!


Across the Balance Board Bridge


Our Tidy Balance Board offers an array of opportunities to inspire imaginations; a bridge across the lava floor or a wobbling surfboard. It’s safe to say this sturdy wooden board provides an essential piece for your indoor obstacle course.


Tidy Balance Board


For an ultimate challenge, why not see if your child can master a pose on the balance board for a set period!


Through the Chair Tunnel


You can create obstacles from everyday furniture and still provide oodles of fun for your child.

Create a tunnel of chairs for your little one to crawl through to journey from one obstacle to the next. Wriggling from side to side to make their way through the spooky underground tunnel will help develop motor skills and coordination!


Complete the Tidy Steps


Whether reaching for a bedtime story or brushing their teeth, our Tidy Foot Step Stool, which is made from solid wood, encourages independence.


Tidy Foot Step


It also provides a brilliant challenge within your at-home obstacle course! Who can reach 100 steps first? Time each child as they have a go to see who’s the champion.


Aim for the Toy Box


Coordination is key for children to learn, so for the final obstacle, pile up your child’s toys ready to aim and FIRE into the open Toy Box.


Toy Box


For most of us, the first part will be easy to arrange as most of your child’s toys will be littered across the floor by this point anyway, so this task doubles up as a great way to get your children to clean their rooms!

This post provides ideas to create your own obstacle course at home from items you have around the house. If creating your own seems like a little too much work for you (we get it!), the Thetis Activity Gym (Extended) combines an array of obstacles to keep your little ones entertained whatever the weather. Read more about our Activity Gyms in our introductory blog post.


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