White Nursery Ideas with Harlen

As a key colour in Scandinavian interiors and contemporary spaces, white is becoming the favoured hue of interior stylists and bloggers. As a parent to be, the idea of using white can seem quite a scary prospect though. Will it be fun and stimulating enough? How will you incorporate bright baby things? Will we ever keep it clean?

Can white walls and babies ever happily coexist?

Photographer and mummy of two Chelsea White believes they can. Chelsea created a stunning all-white space for her little boy, Instagram star Harlen Bodhi White. We caught up with her to find out more…


What was the Inspiration Behind Your Nursery Design?


I kept seeing all white rooms on Instagram, but I hadn't seen an all white nursery before. I have a section in my photographic studio which is all white, and the light is so beautiful when it is being bounced around that I knew it would make a beautiful baby’s nursery.

I also love to photograph Harlen in his natural home environment so it was really important for me that I had a beautiful space to photograph him in. It was the photographer in me that made me decide the room would be mainly white.


Nursery Design


How Did You Achieve This Look?


I have white high gloss laminate flooring which set the tone, and surprisingly enough it’s not that hard to keep clean.

I have kept the room quite uncluttered, it’s very minimalistic. The room started off completely white, but as I am finding new shops and Instagram stores I am adding to the room more and more. The best thing about white is that you can add any colour and it will always fit in.


Minimalistic white room


What Made You Choose Boori Furniture?


I had seen Boori in various magazines and on Instagram. I also photograph newborn babies and children as a job, so whilst I was pregnant I asked for lots of recommendations from other mums. Boori came highly recommended, so I checked out the website and could see why. There was a cot to suit every taste and style. I am over the moon with my choice of cot and changing unit, it really is stunning. They both suit my room perfectly and look ultra modern yet classic.


Boori Furniture


How do you plan for Harlen and the nursery to grow together? Do you think you’ll be able to incorporate his personality (and his toys!) as he gets older?


I have already started adapting the nursery by adding monochrome toys, decorations and accessories. The theme I would like to stick to is White, Grey and Black. I think this suits boys of any age, it won’t date, and he also won’t grow out of it too soon. I think it’s a really trendy and cool look for a little boy.

I keep colour in the playroom, which is filled with colourful playmats, toys and other baby bits. It’s really vibrant and stimulating for him and is where he spends most of his day whilst at home.




What are the practical problems with an all-white nursery? Is it a nightmare to keep clean?!


It is quite high maintenance to have an all white nursery, it does need hoovering everyday as even if there is not much foot fall you can see hair and fibres on the flooring. It’s not a complete nightmare or completely time-consuming to maintain though. The high gloss floor is brilliant - I just get the Dettol out and wipe up spills with some kitchen towel.


How would you advise parents who love the all-white look but are scared to go for it in their nursery?


I would definitely go for plain white walls for any baby’s nursery. For my first child’s room I painted it pink and it just looked sickly - I got fed up with it before she even arrived! It wasn't long before I changed it. It is a brave decision to have white but I haven't regretted it at all, I still absolutely love it.

Boori provided the Eton Convertible Plus Cot Bed and 3 Drawer Dresser for Harlen’s nursery.


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