How to ‘Marie Kondo’ Your Toy Storage

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Charlize Theron, Courtney Cox (IRL as well as the beloved Monica Geller) & Marie Kondo; these ladies are all queens of de-cluttering and true believers in the power of organisation, and we are no different here at Boori.

Whilst there’s many approaches you can take to getting your child’s playroom ship shape and shiny, one approach you can take is Marie Kondo’s – otherwise known as the ‘KonMari method’.

In this Boori Nest post, we’re going to delve into how you can apply this way of de-cluttering to your toy storage.


What is the KonMari method?


Tidying your home in Marie Condo fashion may not sound particularly life-changing but believe us, having a clear-out of your child’s toy storage is cathartic, satisfying and will lay the foundations for them to keep their space tidy in the future (hopefully)!

Put simply, Marie Kondo’s style of organisation is to tidy by category and not by location. Keep only items that speak to the heart and discard anything that no longer ‘sparks joy’. If you were to apply this method to the organisation of your child’s toys, you could create the following categories:

  • Books
  • Cuddly toys
  • Montessori/early learning items
  • Puzzles
  • Dolls & figures
  • Arts & crafts
  • Outdoor toys
  • Bath toys
  • Fancy dress

Items that ‘speak to the heart’ would be toys that your child is actively interested in or plays with regularly, it could also be something that is no longer played with but has more sentimental value, such as their first toy or perhaps something that could be passed down to a younger sibling!

If your child shows little interest in a toy or book that they’ve had for a while, it’s probably safe to assume you can donate it to a charity. Although, you may want to avoid watching Toy Story before doing this or you’ll end up feeling guilty for days (totally not speaking from experience…)


Organise your childs books first


Organising your child’s books is probably the easiest place to start.  

Gather all your books in one place so you can see what you’re working with, then go through each one with the above method and place into three piles; keep, recycle, charity. When you’re left with a pile of books you’ve decided to keep, you can choose your method of organisation!

Don’t be too picky as, when your child is old enough to pick and choose their own bedtime stories, they won’t be putting their books back in order of the author’s surname or genre! Instead, choose an easy way of sorting books such as by colour.

We recommend you choose a bookshelf with open sides so you and your child can easily access them, as books left at the back of the shelf can easily be forgotten about and you’re more likely to purchase a second version!

Our Tidy Rotating Bookshelf is perfect for showcasing your child’s reading collection with four open sides and three large spacious shelves, ensuring no book is left unread.


Tidy Rotating Bookshelf


Children’s Toy Storage


Unless you want to walk over a sea of cuddly toys and Lego® (ouch!) every time you step into your child’s playroom, you would be wise to invest in toy storage such as a toy box or chest.

Sort through your child’s toys and donate or discard any that they no longer play with. Alternatively, you could store baby toys in a vacuum sealed bag in the attic ready for future siblings or new baby cousins!

Next you need to consider the type of toy storage that will suit your space. A toy box is compact and the space on top could provide additional space for cosy seating, or our Tidy Rectangular and Tidy Squared Modular Boxes can be used to create a bespoke playroom storage solution that is perfect for your family’s needs.


Tidy Squared Modular Boxes


Early Learning and Arts & Crafts


Now for those tricky items that are either inconvenient in shape or need to be kept upright to stop them from leaking all over the place!

Montessori and early learning items are usually quite fiddly to store, often involving lots of separate pieces. We find the best and neatest way to store these items is to showcase them on a bookshelf  if aesthetically pleasing or in pretty storage baskets or mini suitcases to keep things tidy. Remember, if it doesn’t spark joy then pass it on, recycle it or throw it out!

Arts and crafts are messy, especially when children are involved! When storing paint, glue or coloured pens, it’s best to opt for a storage solution that is easy to wipe clean. Our Tidy Toy Cabinet features removable plastic tubs which are less likely to stain and are easy to clean should you have any spillages!


Tidy Toy Cabinet


Fancy Dress Costumes


Seeing your little one dressed up as their favourite character is adorable. Seeing your little one’s fancy-dress costumes strewn all over the house is not.

Costumes that have been outgrown should be handed down to friends and family, ensuring your child’s fancy dress isn’t left collecting dust for months on end! To help keep items all in one place, if space allows, why not introduce a costume rail, ready and waiting for those spontaneous dressing up moments!

Our Tidy Clothing Rack is ideal for teaching tots to dress themselves, keeping their favourite costumes in easy reach with additional space underneath for shoes.


Tidy Clothing Rack


We hope we’ve inspired you to channel your inner Marie Kondo or Stacey Solomon and get organising your child’s toys! Once you’ve de-cluttered, it’s time to inspire some imaginative play! Check out our post ‘How to Encourage Independent Play’ for tips on creating a space for your child to play and learn.


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