Celebrating 30 Years of Boori

As we're celebrating our 30th year, we caught up with our founder Justin Chui to chat all things Boori from design inspiration to exciting new products!

Justin Chui


What inspired you to launch a nursery furniture brand, did you have a particular mission?

Our mission is to create furniture that’s as versatile as possible, there to help you at every stage of your family’s life. When we launched in 1993 there was a lack of solid coordinating nursery furniture that could truly grow with your family and withstand the bumps and knocks of family life. Over the years we’ve selected durable natural materials and refined our conversion technologies to ensure you don’t need to keep buying additional furniture for each stage of your child’s development.

Where do you find ideas for new furniture designs?

The natural beauty of our wood is always at the heart of our design process, our design teams take inspiration from around the world to create our collections. Whether it’s the swirl of an Australian seashell or breathtaking Scandinavian landscapes, all our products are inspired by nature.

What’s more important to you, the materials or the design?

Without using premium durable solid wood, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the level of detail and perfection in our designs. Our production process is specifically tailored to working with solid wood, from selection through to hand-finishing.

What part of the process is most important to you; the concept, the process or the outcome?

Seeing our designs come to life is extremely satisfying but it’s the process that makes each product so beautifully unique. All our products are made in our own custom, state-of-the-art factory by our experienced craftsmen. The process is a true labour of love, we adopt cutting edge technology to optimise the use of our sustainable timbers then our craftsmen shape and sand each individual piece that goes into our furniture!

What can we expect for 2023? Are you working on any exciting new products?

This year saw the launch of our innovative Expandable Cot Beds which transform into full-sized single beds using the easy-store conversion kit included. Keep a look out for our exciting new range of play and learn products coming for 2023!

The Sleigh is Boori’s signature style, but do you have a favourite furniture collection?

The Provence is a truly beautiful collection with inspiration coming from the chic sophistication of French interiors. Its curved lines and warm colours exude elegance. We love the design so much, we’ve used it for both our nursery and kids range.

In recent years, sustainable, natural materials have become much more desirable. How important do you think this is?

Every piece of Boori furniture is made with our planet and homes in mind. All our timber comes from sustainable, FSC-approved sources and even our finishes are environmentally friendly, whether it be our Greenguard certified bio-paints or natural plant oils. Our products are totally free from nasty chemicals and won’t contribute to the air pollution in your home or our planet!


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