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Bold Contrast for Newborn Babies


Shortly after birth, babies only see a very limited colour palette including black, white and grey. The bold contrast of black and white can stimulate development of the optic nerves in the eyes and encourage young babies’ cognitive development without over-stimulating them.


Bold Contrast for Newborn Babies


Spark your little one’s interest by opting for a select few pieces with the power to stand out: choose beautiful white furniture with an interesting silhouette which can stand out against your chosen wall colour. Our Sleigh Royale Cot Bed is the perfect centrepiece for a monochrome nursery, with regal curves worthy of any little Prince or Princess.

Our Toy Box in Barley White is ideal for stowing away your little one’s favourite teddies or occasional bedding as they start to have sleepovers with their besties.


Toy Box


A Soft Touch of Grey


Monochrome is a popular choice for both baby and children’s bedrooms and can be interpreted in different ways to create a look that suits you and your home. The contrast of black and white is a very bold look and isn’t for everyone: bringing in grey tones will soften the overall feel of your monochrome kids’ room.

Opting for a warmer grey on your walls will instantly make your space feel cosier than a bright white look. You can also bring in warmth through textured grey accessories, such as woven rugs and thick curtains.


Colour Pops & Pastel Power


There’s no rulebook when designing with monochrome: yes, traditional monochrome focuses on multiple shades of one colour, but there’s always room for a pop of colour within a modern monochrome interior! As your child’s eyesight develops, it’s great if they can explore colour in their nursery or bedroom. Add bright and happy hues through geometric designs: a patterned plant pot high up on a shelf or an abstract print above your chosen chest of drawers will last through all of your child’s style phases!

Subtle shades more your style? Pastels and monochrome are a match made in heaven. Choose fun, ditsy prints such as polka dots and waves for a contemporary and fashionable aesthetic.


A Sprinkle of Stardust


Blocks, stripes and geometric shapes often spring to mind when thinking of a monochrome look but playing with light is another way to soften the space and add a modern approach. Mirrors with decorative edges offer a great way to add a touch of sparkle to lift your monochrome design, or why not introduce silver through accessories such as star shaped cushions, woven blankets or picture frames.


A Sprinkle of Stardust


Thinking modern monochrome is the look for you? Take a look at this Monochrome and Mint Pinterest Board.


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