Designing a Child's Bedroom in a Small Space

You may have caught our other Boori Nest post outlining ideas for building a nursery in a small space, but as your baby grows into a fully functioning miniature human being, what was already minimal can suddenly feel no bigger than an under stairs cupboard!

As the littlest people in the family, children are often given the smallest rooms in the house, but with toys, homework and crafts to contend with, it’s important their room is functional and maximises the space available.


Space-Saving Beds


The most important aspect of your child’s bedroom is also usually the one taking up the most space: their bed. By being savvy with your choice of children’s bed you can save valuable floor space.

Let’s take it to the top

Loft Beds are perfect for small bedrooms, as they help to create a cosy nook that can either be optimised for study, unleashing creativity or playtime.

Our Natty Single Loft Bed does just that, leaving enough space for a matching Tidy Desk, Hutch & Study Chair to call home, which will give your kids a dedicated place to complete homework, study, read or draw. Alternatively, your child’s own ‘Natty nook’ could be complete with toys and hanging books to create a cosy haven for your little one to unwind in and have some fun.


Space-Saving Beds


Our Natty Single Loft Bed combines sleek modern styling with practicality and even features a handy bedside tray for easy access to night-time essentials.

The trundle – just another space saving win

Trundle Beds are another space-saving win for your small-sized child’s bedroom, and we’re here to tell you why.

As well as being the ultimate bed for sleepovers, our Neat Single Sleepover Bed also helps to maximise on minimal storage… win, win!


Space-Saving Beds


The design features an under-bed drawer which can either house a mattress for guests, or further storage for your little one’s belongings - or for your own bits and bobs that you’ve never had a place for (that is, until now…)!




This kid’s single bed isn’t kid-size, it’s the size of a standard adult single, making it easy to find mattresses and bedding. It features guarded sides to provide additional comfort and prevent night-time tumbles.

Keep it versatile

We bet you never thought you’d ever say “there’s a space to sit down on the toy box” to a guest at your child’s birthday party, but we think with versatility and longevity in mind, so anything is possible… and our strong and sturdy Toy Box is here to do the trick.




Though traditionally used to store toys (and to keep the playroom tidy, even for just a minute!), by adding a cushion to transform it into low seating, you’ll have a comfortable place for guests to sit when there’s no extra seating available. Placed under your loft bed, or beside a bookshelf, this also provides the perfect spot for solo reading and saves the requirement for a full-sized chair.

The versatility doesn’t stop there though, as you could migrate the Toy Box to your bedroom, airing cupboard or under stairs cupboard to create extra storage for bedding, towels or those bulky winter accessories.

By choosing multi-purpose pieces, you can save doubling up on furniture you don’t necessarily require… and make way for more space to house the things you do need.


Smart Storage


The internet is filled with storage hack after storage hack to help you save space, but these hacks are often DIY heavy and require a bit of time to put together!

Instead, choose furniture which is already as functional as you require, such as our Tidy Rotating Bookshelf. This clever piece of furniture has four open sides that rotate, which results in a narrower option wonderfully suited to smaller spaces.


Smart Storage


Modular storage is another great option for bedrooms that are spatially challenged. The Tidy Modular Storage Box can be used to create a bespoke storage option in your home that works with the space available. By stacking the boxes on top of each other, you can make the most of that all-important vertical height, not only saving floor space, but drawing the eye up and making the room feel larger.


Modular storage


Our Neat 2 Drawer Wardrobe maximises bedroom storage too. Not only is there ample hanging and drawer space, but guarded sides to make the top of the wardrobe suitable for storage too!


Bedroom storage


Clutter-free Décor


It’s important to think about how your child’s small bedroom will look visually too. Although it’s essential that there is physically space available for your child to use their bedroom for everything they require, you can also ensure it feels spacious by making smart décor choices.

Heavily patterned wallpaper and textiles will create fuss and result in the room feeling crowded. Instead, opt for bright and airy neutrals for your walls and simple linens that work in sync with your chosen furniture.

With a few tips and tricks, it’s no headache to create a beautiful child’s bedroom in a small space. To read more about the flexible storage solutions the Tidy Modular Box offers, take a read of our blog post filled with our favourite uses for this storage champion!


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