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There’s nothing quite as exciting as a sleepover with your best friends – oodles of snacks, a movie marathon, and the thrill of staying up late chatting! However, the hassle of blowing up airbeds and rearranging furniture for impromptu sleepovers can be tedious. To help you avoid reinventing your space every time your children have friends over, we’ve outlined some practical tips to create the ultimate space for sleepovers. With a few thoughtful adjustments, you can ensure that your home is always ready for those spontaneous and fun-filled nights.

Bed Ideas for Sleepovers

Bunk Beds - Dibs on the Top!

The obvious choice for fuss-free sleeping arrangements is a kids’ bunk bed. Bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers because they save valuable floor space, making the most of your child’s room. With one bed stacked above the other, you can accommodate an extra guest without crowding the room or disrupting the existing furniture layout. Setting up for your child’s sleepover buddy becomes effortless, as the bunk bed is always ready for use. Plus, the novelty of sleeping in a bunk bed adds an element of excitement and adventure for the kids, making the sleepover even more enjoyable.

Dibs on the Top Bunk

Does your little one have multiple guests? The Natty Maxi Bunk Bed is the definition of #SleepoverGoals: this triple sleeper also has the option for a storage staircase, perfect for storing extra bedding!

Natty Maxi Bunk Bed

Lounge-Worthy Loft Beds

Loft beds are also a versatile option for sleepovers, offering plenty of space underneath the bed to suit your child's needs. This design maximises the room's functionality, providing an area that can be adapted for various uses. By adding a small sofa bed underneath the loft bed, you create a cosy spot for reading and relaxing during the day. When it’s sleepover time, the sofa can be easily pulled out into a comfortable bed for your extra guest.

This dual-purpose setup not only makes the most of your available space but also ensures that your child and their friends have a comfortable place to sleep and play. The loft bed setup encourages imaginative play and provides a dedicated area for different activities, making it an ideal choice for any child's room.

Loft Beds

The Trusty Trundle

A trundle bed will be your best friend in the world of hosting sleepovers. This clever piece of furniture is designed with a hidden bed stored beneath the main bed, which can be pulled out when needed. When not in use as an extra bed, the trundle space can be used to store occasional bedding and blankets, keeping them neatly out of sight and freeing up valuable closet space.

When a sleepover is on the agenda, simply add a mattress to the trundle, and it transforms into a comfortable bed for guests. This dual-purpose functionality makes the trundle bed an excellent investment for any child's room, offering a practical solution for both everyday storage and spontaneous sleepovers. Its ease of use ensures that you’re always prepared for your child’s friends to stay over, without the hassle of setting up temporary beds or rearranging the room!

Trundle bed

Other Sleepover Essentials

A Cosy Fort

An essential ingredient for any memorable sleepover is a cosy fort or den! Sleepovers are all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, so make sure your little one’s bedroom includes all the components needed to build a fort fit for a King or Queen. Drape blankets over chairs or the edge of the bed to create a snug hideaway, and add fairy lights for a magical touch.

Our beautiful Toy Box provides ample space to store all the necessary supplies, such as pillows, blankets, and soft toys, ensuring that everything is within easy reach when it's time to construct the fort. These stylish storage solutions blend seamlessly with any bedroom décor thanks to their clean, minimal design, and help keep the room tidy and organised when the fort comes down.

Tidy Toy Box

Create a Home Away from Home

Sleepovers can be a daunting prospect for children who haven’t spent time away from home before. Help them feel at ease by making their space a home from home. Provide a place to hang their stuff, like our Tidy Clothing Rack. You could hang up a sleepover goody bag for them with a cosy blanket, slippers, and popcorn for a personal touch. Personal touches make guests feel special and welcomed, ensuring they have a comfortable stay.

Tidy Clothing Rack

Soothing Nightlights

Even as adults, we can experience those disorienting moments where we wake up in the middle of the night, unsure of our surroundings. It's even more challenging for children who might find themselves waking up in an unfamiliar bedroom during a sleepover. Navigating their friend’s room in the dark can be intimidating and disorienting for them.

To help alleviate these concerns and provide a sense of security, it’s a good idea to set up a warm, soothing nightlight. A nightlight can cast a gentle glow, making it easier for children to see their surroundings and move around safely if they need to get up during the night. This comforting light can reduce anxiety and help them feel more at ease in a new environment.

Storage Solutions

Having the right storage solutions can make sleepovers much smoother and more enjoyable for both children and parents. Incorporating furniture pieces with hidden storage capabilities can significantly enhance the functionality and tidiness of your child's room. Under bed storage drawers provide a convenient space to store extra blankets, pillows, and other sleepover essentials. These drawers keep items neatly tucked away but easily accessible when needed, ensuring that the room remains clutter-free and organised.

Fun Activities

Plan some fun sleepover activities to keep the kids entertained and ensure the night is filled with laughter and excitement. Setting up a movie marathon corner can be a fantastic way to kick off the evening. Arrange a cosy spot with a projector for a big-screen experience and pile up some comfy bean bags, pillows, and blankets. Choose a selection of family-friendly movies or let the kids vote on their favourites for a personalised movie night. Don't forget the popcorn and snacks to complete the cinema experience!

Interactive games and activities can make the sleepover even more enjoyable and memorable. Organise a scavenger hunt with clues hidden around the house or garden, leading to a small prize. Set up a karaoke machine for a fun sing-along session, or plan a dance party with the kids' favourite tunes. Board games and card games are also great for fostering teamwork and friendly competition.

By planning a variety of fun and interactive activities, you'll ensure that the kids are entertained throughout the night and that the sleepover becomes a valued memory. Thoughtful preparation and creativity will make the sleepover a hit and leave everyone looking forward to the next one!

There you have it, a guide to creating the ultimate bedroom for sleepovers! Inspired by the idea of a loft bed? Take a look at other ways to utilise this versatile kids bed over on the Boori Nest Blog.

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