Kids Bunk Beds

Discover the perfect blend of design, safety, and functionality with Boori's range of kids bunk beds, tailored to nurture their dreams and adventures.

Kids Bunk Beds

Discover the perfect blend of design, safety, and functionality with Boori's range of kids bunk beds, tailored to nurture their dreams and adventures.
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Kids Bunk Beds Australia

Elevate the sleeping experience for your little ones with Boori's kids' bunk beds, an iconic blend of function and sentiment. As children navigate their growing phases, they oscillate between seeking personal space and cherishing shared moments.

Boori's bunk beds seamlessly marry these needs, offering individuality while nurturing sibling bonds. Designed with meticulous care, our bunk beds are bolstered with features like guardrails and optional ladders, ensuring peace of mind for parents while exuding elegance.

Single Kids Bunk Beds

Opt for Boori's single bunk beds, the epitome of style and utility, for homes bustling with lively kids or those intent on optimising limited room space. Beyond their obvious aesthetic appeal, what anchors our brand is our unparalleled quality of construction.

Each bunk bed stands as a testament to this, crafted from sustainable timber and engineered wood. Our bunk beds are generally covered by a 3-5 year warranty.

King Single Bunk Beds

Witnessing your children grow is a heartwarming journey, one where you continuously adapt to their evolving needs. Cater to their burgeoning desire for personal space with Boori's king single bunk beds.

Crafted for durability, these beds are the sanctuaries of dreams, study, and play. Our diverse designs, rooted in timeless aesthetics, ensure that there's a bed reflecting every child's individuality.

Kids Bunk Beds with Storage

Understanding the importance of structured spaces for kids, Boori's kids bunk beds with storage marry style with utility. Crafted from a combination of solid timber and engineered wood, these storage bunk beds for kids come in designs that resonate with children's diverse personalities.

Beyond aesthetics, our priority remains anchored in ensuring that these beds are the cosy nests where your child's dreams take flight.

Kids’ Bunk Beds - FAQ

What ages are bunk beds suitable for?

Safety is paramount. Hence, while our bunk beds exude charm, they are typically recommended for children aged 9 and above - however, it is ultimately up to you as a parent to gauge your little one’s suitability for bunk use.

What are the benefits of bunk beds?

Beyond the evident space-saving advantage, bunk beds are memory-making furniture. From hosting sleepovers to optimising small room spaces, they're practical marvels. But more than that, they're the vessels of whispered secrets and tales of midnight escapades between siblings, fostering bonds that echo through time.

How do you make the top bunk safer?

Ensuring safety on the top bunk is paramount.

  • Start by choosing a bunk bed with high guardrails to prevent roll-offs.
  • Make sure the guardrails are securely attached and extend at least 36cm from the base to the top of the side rail.
  • Select a mattress of appropriate thickness to ensure it doesn’t rise above these guardrails. We recommend that the top bunk mattress not exceed 20cm, as anything thicker than this will minimise the height of the guard rail.
  • Opt for a sturdy ladder with anti-slip steps and always instruct kids to use both hands when climbing. A staircase might also make for a more comfortable climb to the top bunk!
  • Regularly inspect the bunk bed for any signs of wear or damage (including loose bolts) to ensure it remains a safe haven for sleep.

Is the top bunk better than the bottom?

Choosing between the top and bottom bunk often boils down to personal preference. Many kids find the top bunk alluring, relishing the elevated view and feeling of having a personal perch. It can also offer a sense of adventure and novelty.

However, the bottom bunk provides easier access, is generally cooler as heat rises, and might be safer for younger children. Both options offer unique experiences, and it's crucial to align the choice with the child's comfort and safety requirements.