Happy Valentines Day! Boori Staff's Loved Products

Valentine's Day is a time to show love and appreciation for the special people in our lives, and for parents, this includes our children. A warm and loving home is the foundation for a happy childhood, and it starts with creating a cosy and comfortable space for your little ones. At Boori, we understand the importance of this, which is why we're dedicated to providing high-quality children's furniture that not only looks great but also lasts for years to come.

Whether you're looking to revamp your child's room, or simply add a touch of love and warmth, our top picks for Valentine's Day are the perfect place to start. All of our products are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to last, so you can be sure that you're making a sound investment in your child's future. To help you pick the perfect piece to make your child's room feel extra special this Valentine's Day, we have put together a list of our favourites.

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Van’s V-day Favourites

I like the Yarra Bed because it offers style flexibility, being available in three different sizes (King Single Bed, Double Bed, Queen Bed) and with an optional add-on removable fabric cover for further colour options (Blueberry, Cherry, Pebble). It’s also very well made with solid Beech wood timber and has a modern minimalist style that can suit both a kids' bedroom as well as a grownup bedroom. I feel that it doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. 

Nina’s Nicest Product

I like the Byron Rocking Chair. I think the timber frame is nicely shaped and very sturdy. The Beechwood timber frame is both strong, as well as beautiful to look at due to the lovely woodgrain. With the included cushions, it’s also very comfy – I want one for my home.

Toula’s Top Pick

I like the Euler Desk package - named after the multi-talented Swiss mathematician/physicist/astronomer/geographer/logician/engineer - it would be good for the kids to channel a bit of Euler while they study. I think it’s such a fun and quirky kids' desk and hutch combination. Its solid timber build and the different height levels the desktop can be assembled at means it can grow with your little learner. 

Molly’s Best Bed

I like the Forest Teepee Single Loft Bed, as it lets the kids adventure while they dream. Sort of like glamping at home. 

Mish’s Best Bed 

I like the Coogee King Single Bunk Bed, as it’s a nice, solidly built bunk. I’ve tried shaking it myself, and it stands pretty steady. 

Kait’s Best Cot

I like the Elite Cot Bed, as it’s a good-looking modern baby cot, both because of the minimalist design as well as the contemporary colour. It also has a handy drawer under the cot, so it’s practical. And overall, a sturdy cot with its longevity backed by a 5-year warranty.

Rho’s Mattress Protectors

I like the fitted mattress protectors, as they offer a great quality protector at a great price.

As the special day of love and affection, Valentine's Day, approaches, Boori wants to help you spread the love to your little ones. Our team of experts has handpicked their favourite furniture pieces, specifically chosen to make your child's room the epitome of comfort and cosiness. With a range of options, from adventurous loft beds to sturdy desks and everything in between, Boori has everything you need to create a warm and inviting space that your child will cherish.

Incorporating pieces of furniture into your child's room that promote a feeling of love and comfort will not only make them happy but will also contribute to their overall well-being. So, this February, let's make a promise to our children to create a home filled with love and warmth, starting with their very own cosy corner. Visit Boori's website today and discover the perfect pieces to add some love to your child's room!

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