How to Build a Practical Nursery

With nursery aesthetics taking the limelight when it comes to baby bedroom inspiration online, the practicalities can be lost in translation. Although we love a beautiful nursery here at Boori, we also understand how important it is to have a nursery that functions exactly as you need it. A hand-illustrated mural of whimsical woodland animals is a wonderful sight… but during nappy emergencies, a thought-out changing station will be vital. Armed with 27 years’ of knowledge, we have outlined our top tips below for a practical space for parents and baby.


Practical space for parents and baby


Furniture that Grows with Your Child


Ok, we know we shout about this a lot, but that’s only because it’s a fundamental part of building a practical nursery. Saving both money and time, choosing full-sized furniture, or furniture with the ability to evolve as your child grows will ensure you’re prepared for the entirety of childhood.

Many parents’ advice is to opt for a full-sized wardrobe if your space allows for it. Baby’s clothes are tiny, but you’ll be surprised how many times a nappy disaster requires a full clothing change for your little one, so you’re going to need a lot of them. Our elegant Sleigh Wardrobe can be set up in two ways - with two hanging compartments, ideal for younger children's clothing, or with one hanging compartment for older children's and adult's clothing.


Sleigh Wardrobe


Consider Cot Position


Safety is key, and cots or cot beds should be positioned away from windows, curtains, heaters and drafts. If positioning your cot against a wall, it’s advisable to avoid an exterior wall if your house is a little older as these can become chilly in the winter. It’s also wise to have plug sockets nearby for a baby monitor or night light.

Prefer to have optimum visibility of your little one while they sleep? An oval cot can be placed in the centre of the bedroom as a beautiful focal point. Spindles span the circumference of our Oasis Oval Cot Bed, providing visibility, breathability and increased airflow.


Oasis Oval Cot Bed


Night Time Feeding


With plenty of preparation, you can ensure that night time feeds are efficient and comfortable, allowing you and your baby those all-important Z’s. Low level lighting is essential to a successful night feed, you need enough gentle light to navigate the nursery but too bright a light will break the peaceful feeling of night time. A night light can provide this and often come in fun characters to comfort your little one, otherwise, night light bulbs can be purchased from many retailers which come in handy during the day time for naps too!


Night light


Your comfort is important too: a dropside cot bed could be a clever purchase. Our Daintree Cot Bed includes our unique Safetrack system which allows you to safely lower the side of the cot and lock it into position, meaning you do not strain your back when reaching down for your little one.


Daintree Cot Bed


Changing Station Practicalities


Changing station practicalities are a popular discussion topic among parents. A dresser or chest of drawers that has a changing station on top means that you have storage within easy access for the millions of nappies you’ll no doubt be stock piling, as well as fresh clothes. The changing station is removable on our 3 Drawer Dresser, making it a great investment for childhood and beyond.


Drawer Dresser


Some parents prefer being able to reach their baby from the legs, rather than the side. Choosing a mobile changing station such as our Neat 3 Tier Changer would be a better choice for those who don’t want to change from the side: the lockable castor wheels make it easy to wheel it back against the wall after changing. Our Chest Top Extension can be added to our Smart Assembly Chests, allowing our Cloud Change Pad to be used facing towards you instead of sideways.


Neat 3 Tier Changer


Side note – wipeable wall paint is your friend (yes, it really can reach that far).


Oodles of Floor Space


It’s easy to get lost in purchasing lots of furniture and soft furnishings, but leave room for floor space. Floor space is important at every stage of life, and not just for your child! Space for play mats, learning to crawl and a place to sprawl, but also as cot beds leave more space than other bedrooms, it can provide a great space for a bit of mindfulness for parents in the morning. Whether you practice yoga or fancy a big stretch after a long night of wake-ups, you’ll value that floor space you kept free from clutter.


Floor Space


So, with the internet brimming with ideas on what shade of pink to colour your nursery or whether murals are still ‘in’, hopefully our view on the practical side of nursery planning will aid you! Did our dropside cot bed pique your interest? Learn more here.


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