How to Choose Your Bassinet

With the abundance of plans and decisions you have to make as a new parent, the choice of sleeping options for your little one can be a tad overwhelming: moses basket, bassinet, bedside sleeper, cot or cot bed? Then, once you do decide where your new baby will sleep, how do you decide which one is best for you? Below, we’ve outlined some ideas to assist you in choosing your bassinet to hopefully take some stress out of the process and make it a more enjoyable experience!


Safety First


It’s important to consider safety as the number one priority when choosing your bassinet. Keep up to date with safety buying guides such as CHOICE and Red Nose. When choosing a bassinet, ensure that your mattress fits into the bassinet with no gaps around the sides. Our Tidy Bassinet comes with a comfortable and firm foam mattress with a removable cover, and it meets CHOICE’s strict safety guidelines with a 100% pass rate.

There should be no areas wide enough for your baby’s limbs, head or fingers to become trapped and there should be nothing inside the bassinet which could be used as a foot hold for little escape artists.


Tidy Bassinet


Babies Grow Fast!


Although it completely depends on each individual baby’s growth rate, a general rule is that once a baby can roll over or pull itself up un-aided, then a bassinet is no longer appropriate. This is usually around six months of age.

Look for a bassinet that stands the test of time, and when no longer required can transform into other useful items for your baby’s bedroom. Our Tidy Bassinet can later be used as a change table, storage basket or shelf!


Tidy Bassinet


Adequate Ventilation


You should choose a bassinet that offers adequate airflow on all four sides of the bassinet: that’s why the Tidy Bassinet features a perforated mesh basket for optimum breathability and visibility so you can keep your eye on your new baby.


Adequate Ventilation


Sturdy and Secure


Your chosen bassinet should be of sturdy construction and all parts should be permanently fixed, or so difficult to move that they require a tool to dismantle. The Tidy Bassinet features an adjustable safety strap for added security: it can be tightened as your baby grows in case of any flex in the base.


What about Bedside Sleepers?


Bedside sleepers are designed to provide the comfort of co-sleeping whilst ensuring that you and your child have your own dedicated sleep spaces. They feature a handy removable side which allows easy access to your baby when their bed is pushed up against yours.

Our Neat Bedside Sleeper has solid wooden guard rails so that it can be used as a standalone bassinet. The guard rail can be removed to then allow it to be used as a bedside crib, meaning you can soothe and settle your little one from the comfort of your own bed. For peace of mind, a mesh safety rail always remains in place to keep your little one safe and secure in their own space.


Neat Bedside Sleeper

Neat Bedside Sleeper


Function and Style


Although safety is of the upmost priority, it’s also important to consider additional features and style! Lockable castors will make your bassinet easier to move around and washable materials are a bonus.


Function and Style


Our Tidy Bassinet is truly multifunctional, with a removable Tidy Tray underneath which can be used as storage or removed and placed on top as a changing station.


Tidy Bassinet


Finished in a choice of our unique nursery-friendly paint finishes that enhance the natural timber, our bassinets and cradles are a beautiful addition to any nursery.

Hopefully you’re feeling a little better informed about choosing a bassinet. Want to learn more about bedside sleepers? Read about our New Neat Bedside Sleeper on the Boori Nest Blog.


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