How to Choose Your Child's Bed

Whether your child has outgrown their toddler bed and you’re looking for their first ‘big bed’, or you have a teenager who feels it’s time to transform their childhood room, we’ve shared some top tips to help you choose the perfect bed.


Child's Bed


What Size Bed do I need?


Firstly, you’ll need to take measurements of the chosen room to give you a better idea of what will fit and how much space you have left to play with for storage furniture. It’s worth noting the position and dimensions of doors and windows at this stage, as well as the space of those that open into the room. This will help to determine which type of bed is most suitable – a single bed, king single bed, loft bed, bunk bed or double bed.


Find a Style to Suit Your Space


If you’re looking for something solid and sturdy, yet budget-friendly then our Tidy Single Bed may be a great option to consider. It’s minimal in style with a traditional slatted headboard and is expertly crafted from sustainable solid wood. Its lower height makes it ideal for younger children, however there’s still plenty of space underneath for discreet storage. 


Tidy Single Bed


With its soft flowing curves and engraved detailing, our Trinity King Single Day Bed is ideal for creating a sophisticated and elegant bedroom. Doubling as a daytime seating area, it’s perfect for guests. Optimise any additional space with the matching Trinity 3 Drawer Dresser and Trinity Bedside Table which offer storage that’s both practical and stylish.


Trinity King Single Day Bed


Your child will undoubtedly reach that age where bunking with their sibling is just NOT cool! So, if they’ve reached the teenage years (good luck), then it might be time to look for something a little more grown up! Our gorgeous Classic Royale Double Bed is ideal for making a style statement, it’s timeless design will create a beautiful and serene atmosphere in any bedroom.


Classic Royale Double Bed


Space-Saving Beds for Smaller Rooms


Floor space is a common concern for parents when it comes to designing a child’s room, particularly if the room is slightly on the smaller side! Our loft beds could be the perfect solution - you can utilise the additional space underneath to suit your child’s needs, whether they want a suitable play area, need sensible storage or a dedicated study corner!


Space-Saving Beds


Our Milano King Single Loft Bed is a great choice for a more contemporary look with its curved shape and bold lines. Crafted with sustainable solid wood, it combines beauty with practicality for your child to treasure for years to come.


Beds for Siblings


It’s not always possible for every child to have their own room and often, it’s a novelty for younger children to share their bedroom. The obvious choice is a traditional bunk bed but when they’re that little bit older, or if you’re sick of the fight for the top bunk then two single beds may be more suitable. Boori bunk beds can be converted to two single beds, designed with your family’s changing needs in mind.

Our Scout Single Bunk Bed offers a simplistic style to suit any interior and is crafted with solid Australian Araucaria wood to ensure that your kids have a safe and sturdy place to sleep in. For additional peace of mind, the top bunk has been provided with four guarded rails to protect them from all sides.


Boori bunk beds


Our maxi bunk beds uniquely feature a double bed on the lower bunk for older children and sleepovers!


Maxi bunk beds


What About Bedding?


As well as having a supportive bed and mattress, it’s just as important for your child to have comfortable bedding. That’s why we have a range of 100% cotton fitted sheets, bedding sets and mattress protectors.


Comfortable bedding


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