12 Reasons Why You Need Muslin Cloths

What is a Muslin Cloth?

Muslin is a loosely woven cotton fabric which gets its name from the city of Mosul in Iraq, where it was first manufactured. Muslins form a staple part of every parent’s toolbox - the smaller muslin squares are ideal for wiping and winding, whereas the larger muslin cloths are great for swaddling. With a multitude of uses, you can never have too many muslin cloths!

Benefits of Muslin Cloths

1. They’re Light and Breathable

Muslin cloths are renowned for their loose weave, making them exceptionally lightweight and breathable. This quality makes muslin cloth material a safe and practical choice for various baby essentials. When used in a pushchair or cot bed, muslin cloths ensure maximum airflow, which reduces the risk of overheating and keeps your baby cool and comfortable.

Lightweight and breathable

2. Soft and Gentle

Muslin cloths are usually made from cotton or bamboo, making them incredibly soft and gentle against your baby’s sensitive skin. The natural fibres used in muslin swaddle cloths ensure that they are delicate and non-irritating, providing the utmost comfort for your little one. Unlike other fabrics, muslin swaddle cloths have the unique quality of becoming softer with each wash, enhancing their gentle touch over time.

Whether you’re using the cloth for swaddling, as a wind cloth, or for general clean-ups, you can trust that muslin cloths will be kind to your baby's skin while remaining durable and long-lasting.

3. Stretchy and Ideal for Swaddling

The slight stretch in muslin cloth material makes it perfect for swaddling your baby. This flexibility allows the fabric to snugly wrap around your baby, providing a secure and comfortable fit. The gentle stretchiness ensures that your baby can move naturally while still feeling the comforting embrace of the swaddle.



4. Perfect for Wiping

One of the standout benefits of muslin cloths is their remarkable absorbency. Babies may be tiny, but they can create quite a mess! Despite their thin structure, muslin cloths are incredibly effective at absorbing spills, drools, and other unexpected messes. This makes them perfect for keeping handy during mealtimes, diaper changes, and any other moments when messes are likely to occur. Keeping one (or two!) within arm's reach can be a real lifesaver, helping you manage the everyday messes of parenthood with ease and efficiency.

5. Ideal for Winding

The soft, absorbent material of muslin cloths is gentle against your baby’s skin, making winding a more comfortable experience for them as well. With their lightweight and breathable qualities, muslin cloths are easy to manage and can be quickly swapped out for a fresh one if needed. Incorporating muslin cloths into your winding routine adds a layer of convenience and cleanliness, ensuring you and your baby stay comfortable and tidy!


6. Easy to Clean

One of the great advantages of muslin swaddle cloths is their ease of cleaning. After a busy day of keeping your baby comfy and content, simply pop your muslin cloth into the washing machine on a gentle cycle with similar colours.

While you can tumble dry muslin cloths on a low setting, they also dry exceptionally quickly when air-dried. Choosing to air-dry not only saves energy but is also more environmentally friendly!

7. An Alternative Blanket

During warmer months, a large muslin cloth can serve as a perfect lightweight alternative to a standard blanket. The breathable muslin cloth material ensures that your little one stays comfortable and cool, preventing overheating. Its soft and gentle texture provides a cosy cover without the bulk, making it ideal for naps and bedtime during warmer weather.

8. Comforting for Babies and Toddlers

Babies love the soft, snuggly texture of muslin cloths. As you begin to use muslins for almost everything, your little one will start to find comfort in having a muslin cloth close by. The familiar feel and gentle touch of muslin can provide a sense of security, helping your baby to relax and feel more at ease. You may find that they start to settle easier for nap times and bedtime when they have their favourite muslin cloth with them.

Comforting for babies

9. On-the-Go Bib

If you’ve decided to take your toddler for a picnic but have forgotten their bib, a small muslin square makes the perfect makeshift alternative. Simply tuck the muslin cloth into your child’s top to protect their clothes from spills and crumbs. The soft and absorbent muslin cloth material will catch any mess!

Once your child has finished eating, the same muslin cloth can be used to wipe their grubby fingers and face clean! Its gentle texture is perfect for sensitive skin, making cleanup quick and easy.

10. A Nursing Cover

While we wholeheartedly support mothers choosing to nurse openly, we understand that some may prefer a bit of privacy. A muslin swaddle cloth offers a simple and effective solution for discreet nursing. By tucking a corner of the muslin cloth under a spaghetti strap or t-shirt collar, you can create a comfortable cover that provides a sense of privacy without the need for bulky or specialised nursing covers. The lightweight and breathable nature of muslin cloths ensures that both you and your baby remain cool and comfortable during feeding.

11. A Changing Pad Cover

Although changing pads are usually made from a wipe-clean material, they can be quite cold against your baby’s sensitive skin. In these instances, large muslin cloths can be used as a changing pad cover, providing a soft layer for your baby to lay on.

Plus, if there are any additional accidents whilst changing, a muslin cloth will absorb any liquids rather than a channel of wee cascading down the side of your changing mat!

12. Tissue Alternative

Some parents prefer to use muslin cloths as handkerchiefs rather than tissues when their little ones are unwell. Tissues can leave delicate noses looking pink and dry, whereas muslin cloths are soft and gentle on sensitive skin. The natural fibres in muslin cloths provide a soothing touch, reducing irritation and discomfort for your child.



Do you have any other uses for the trusty muslin cloth? Share them below to inspire other Boori families!

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