How to Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a curated display of artwork arranged creatively on your wall, presented as a mini art gallery to add a timeless feature to your little one’s bedroom. Providing a focal point, a gallery wall is a great alternative to patterned wallpaper or a mural and can be updated easily as trends change.

Putting together a gallery wall doesn’t have to take up lots of time or be overly complicated. We’ve put together some tips below to help you well on your way to displaying your favourite pieces and injecting personality into your child’s bedroom.


Organisation is Key


Before making a gazillion holes in your wall, you’re probably going to want to map out your gallery wall plan either on the floor or on the wall you’re hanging the art onto. Cut paper to the size of each item and use washi tape or sticky tack to stick your pieces onto the wall so that you can easily move them around until you’ve found your perfect layout!

If you’d rather not stick directly onto the wall, measure out a space on the floor the same size as the wall space you’re working with and move the paper pieces around until you’re happy with the design. Snap a photo, and recreate the look on the wall, being careful to measure before the hammer comes out!

It’s wise to leave around 2.5 inches between artwork in all directions to avoid your gallery wall looking over-crowded.


Gallery wall


Choose a Focal Point


Gallery walls look best when arranged centrally above a piece of furniture. The Sleigh Chest of Drawers is a beautiful focal point for your little one’s bedroom, with the curves creating an intriguing base to position your artwork above. The centre of the chest of drawers should mirror the centre of your gallery wall design to create symmetry.


Sleigh Chest of Drawers


A playroom gallery wall would look great centred around our Tidy Rectangular Modular Box. Create a long wall-length bespoke storage solution with multiple Modular Boxes with your gallery placed above for a feature wall with purpose!


Tidy Rectangular Modular Box


Choose a Stand Out Piece


Starting with a chosen piece of art will help the rest of the design fall into place. Your focal piece should be the largest piece of art and should be placed in the very centre of your gallery wall.


Gallery wall


Cohesive but Varied


For a curated look, it’s important for your design to have some cohesion. Choose either a loose theme for your gallery wall or pick out a main colour scheme with a small selection of accents to keep your look stylish and fuss-free.

Although being regimented with a colour or theme is advised, your gallery wall should still project personality and familiarity. Include family photographs or art prints of your favourite places to make a display that will comfort your little one when in their bedroom.

To add variation to your gallery wall, choose both horizontal and vertical orientations and opt for a selection of frames for contrast.




Include a Little Structure


Rather than placing artwork sporadically around your central piece, one or two clusters of ‘structured’ artwork will finish off your look. Have three prints of the same size and height in your design or create a structured grid with four smaller prints of identical size.


Add a Third Dimension


Did you know a gallery wall doesn’t have to only include flat artwork? Experiment with the third dimension by adding sculptural items to your gallery wall. The adorable textile animals from Isabelle’s Neutral Nursery would make a perfect addition to a safari-themed space!


Neutral Nursery


Ready to start collecting artwork for your gallery wall project? Why not start with a free downloadable print from Boori and Jasmine Alice Design, over on our Nautical Nursery blog post!


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