How to Move Your Toddler from Cot to Bed

When should I Move My Child from Their Cot Bed?


Although there’s no hurry, most toddlers move from cot to bed when they’re between two and three years old. However, it may be time to consider the ‘big bed’ if your child is showing signs of being an escape artist! This doesn’t just mean that they have tried to climb from their cot, but if your toddler is a sofa ninja or has shown an interest in climbing chairs, the time is right.

Another time you might also think about moving your child from cot to bed will be to aid with toilet training, so that they can let you know when they’re ready to use the bathroom.

If you’re unsure whether the time is right, you can also talk to your family GP.


How do I Ensure the Bedroom is Safe?


As your child will be able to get out of their own bed alone, it’s important to check your child’s bedroom safety to prevent accidents. Here are some things to consider:

  • Install safety locks on windows so that they can only be opened a little
  • Secure curtain and blind cords out of your child’s reach
  • Use plug socket covers and ensure all electrical appliances have been tested and meet safety standards
  • Attach furniture and heavy objects to the wall using a wall strap kit. Any Boori furniture that requires a wall strap kit – including our wardrobes and dressers - will come with one included to provide parents with the reassurance of additional safety and stability.
  • Remove all products which could be toxic, such as house plants or candles


How can I Offer Reassurance During the Transition?


One way to make the move a little less daunting is to start with a toddler bed. For parents wanting the longevity Boori is known for, opt for one of our Cot Beds which transform into a toddler bed and help to keep a familiar environment during the transition and make “the change” seem less drastic.


How can I Offer Reassurance During the Transition?


Our Natty Cot Bed does just this, transitioning into a toddler bed with guarded sides to prevent night-time tumbles, without the need for any extra purchases!



For parents looking for something a little larger than our cot beds, our Natty Bedside Sleeper will go that little bit further due to its size. Also featuring guarded sides, this bedside bed can be pushed up to parents’ beds for that extra reassurance if needed.



How can I Help My Toddler Settle into their Big Bed?


The move from cot to bed isn’t an easy transition, but with some tips and tricks you can make it a little easier for your toddler (and yourselves too!).

Give your child some independence

Letting your child choose their night-time items will make being a big kid seem more appealing, as they have been given independence and the option to make their own choices.

Take them on a shopping trip to pick out their favourite bedding, bedtime cuddle buddy and first story book so that the change fills them with excitement instead of dread!



It’s also important to remember that the change of scenery can be overwhelming, but a warm nightlight on the bedside table within easy reach will comfort your little one if they wake in the night.

Don’t rush for a pillow

It might look strange to have a bed with no pillows, but children under the age of 1 years old shouldn’t use them, as there is an added risk of suffocation.

After this point, you may want to consider using a special junior pillow, which will typically be suitable for children aged 12 months+, however you may decide to wait until your child is 2 and over before introducing them to something that they’ve never had in their bedtime routine before.

Whatever you decide to do, you should always follow the latest recommended government guidance and read the safety specifications of any junior pillow you opt to get for your little one.



Routine, routine, routine

Moving to a toddler bed is a big step for your little one and might feel like a little bit too much at times, but the most important thing is to stick to a consistent and familiar bedtime routine. This will keep your child feeling grounded during this period of change and will help them look forward to sleep.

Of course, every child is different and has their own pace at easing into this big change, but parents can expect their child to feel unsettled for around 1-2 months whilst they adjust. Just be patient, reward your child, reassure them and stick to your routine.

Looking for ways to inject a little more comfort to your child’s bedroom for the big move? Take a look at our blog post for hints and tricks to create a den that instils cosiness.


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