Raising a Bookworm - How to Encourage a Love for Reading

In the tech-driven world of smartphones and tablets, many new parents worry that their children might not grow up with the same love of books that they did. Reading expands vocabulary, assists emotional development and most importantly nurtures their imagination and curiosity! It’s natural to worry that times are everchanging, but with a few simple tricks you can encourage a love for reading.

It’s important to remember that some children will find reading more difficult than others, so always keep reading light and enjoyable!




It’s Never too Early for Books


Most parents chat away to their little ones before they arrive in this world! So, although your new baby won’t understand your words, the sight of you reading a book will become a happy and familiar sight.


Reading a book


As your baby gets older, bath books and musical books with tactile pieces that they can hold and explore will pave the way for when you can enjoy a picture book together before bed. This Little Dutch Soft Activity Book contains lots of different materials to explore to develop hand-eye coordination, we love the charming ocean characters!


Little Dutch Soft Activity Book


The Ultimate Space for Reading


From moments shared together in those early stages to school years and beyond, a comfy spot to get away from the world and dive into a book will encourage a life-long love of reading. The distractions of siblings, pets or family life can be all too enticing when trying to read in shared family areas, so it’s best to encourage reading in their own space if possible.

For tiny tots, the familiar sight of their parents soothing them to sleep with their words whilst holding a book by a night light will be a lasting memory. As children get older, the space below a loft bed trumps all cosy corners! Warm, low lighting, soft bean bags and some peace and quiet are the perfect ingredients for an hour of reading.


The Ultimate Space for Reading


Books to be Treasured


By showing your little one that books are treasured items to keep forever, you promote their value. Show them your favourite books you enjoyed as a child and tell them how the story stays with you as you grow. Special books with pop-out pieces embellished with glitter that have tissue between every page to protect each tiny detail will take children’s breath away, and by bringing them out for special occasions you’ll only nourish the excitement and thrill!


Books to be Treasured


Easy-to-reach Book Storage


Whenever the urge strikes, your child should be able to pick up a book and begin reading. Having books within easy reach so that they don’t have to ask you for help is important to encourage independent reading.

Our Tidy Rectangular Modular Boxes can be put together to build a bespoke storage solution against a wall for your child to reach all of their favourite items. With their favourite books on one shelf, a cosy lamp on the other and a beanbag alongside, you can create the perfect reading set-up!


Tidy Rectangular Modular Boxes


Booking Reading and Rating Plan


School book clubs and reading systems are designed to encourage your child to not only read books, but understand how they make you feel, and what you enjoyed about them. You can mimic this at home by creating a fun read and rate chart, where your child can write about or score each book as they go. This will have them excited about the next book before the first one has even finished and help them understand what books are right for them and their preferences.

Our Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board is the perfect place to draw up your reading chart: choose between a chalkboard or whiteboard and use magnetic stars to create your own rating system! Why not invite their friends to read the same books, so they can join in the exclusive club. Add snacks and character-dress up and you’ll have a whole army of bookworms before you know it.


Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board


Although all of the above tips will be helpful in encouraging your children to love books, children are little reflections of who they spend the most time with. Constantly absorbing our habits and quirks, nurturing a love for reading starts with you! Pop that iPad down, reduce your thumb-tapping hours and let your children catch you in the act of reading.


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