Seasonal Changes for a Nursery or Bedroom

Our interior styling can influence our mood, especially as seasons change, and that’s no different for our little ones. Completely transforming your nursery or child’s bedroom to be aesthetically suited to each season is a little drastic, but a few tweaks can keep your kids’ spaces feeling cosy in the chilly months and airy and spacious as temperatures increase.


Lighting: Cosy or Cool


During spring and summer, let natural light do the talking. Keep window-sill clutter free and on cooler days allow curtains to be drawn right back, flooding the room with that all-important Vitamin D. On very hot days it’s often best to keep curtains closed to keep out the sun’s rays.


Cosy or Cool


Swapping out large, intricate wall art for a simple and elegant mirror above your dresser or chest will bounce the natural light throughout the room, making it feel more spacious.


Elegant mirror above your dresser


For chillier months, lighting can be used to create the opposite effect. Lamps and nightlights can be brought out for the season, with dimmer switchers providing an easy way to choose a soft and warm level to get cosy and read a book from our Oslo Bookshelf.


Oslo Bookshelf


Roll Out (or up!) the Rug


Nothing says comfort quite like the feeling of a soft rug on your toes. As well as a tactile touch, thicker rugs will also provide a small amount of insulation and provide the perfect spot for older children to chill out and gossip before a sleepover! For summer months when you might want to remove your rug or swap it for something lighter, our Neat Under Bed Storage Drawer can provide a hiding spot underneath your Neat to keep your rug neatly stored.


Neat Under Bed Storage Drawer


Switch up your Artwork


A simple switch of artwork on your little one’s walls will provide an instant seasonal freshen-up. Artwork with warmer tones or characters which portray the essence of winter, such as woodland animals, are a great choice for cooler climes. Then, once the season changes, cheery yellows and prints featuring foliage will brighten up your child’s space.

A gallery wall adds a beautiful focal point to any nursery or kids’ bedroom and makes it easy to switch up your collection to suit the season.




Time to Change the Textiles


Textiles are an easy, cost-conscious way to inject the changing season into your child’s bedroom. Thick knitted or quilted blankets strewn over a Toy Box adds a touch of seasonal style whilst ensuring cosy layers are within easy reach.


Toy Box


Changes to your little one’s bedding can also be made between seasons. Our Cot Bed Fitted Sheets feature breathable 100% cotton, to help keep your baby cool when temperatures rise. Our snuggly Reversible Cot Quilt provides an extra layer for optimum comfort, and the Scandi Mountains design is a charming addition to a nursery in the winter.


Baby Cot Coverlet Blanket


Switching up your nursery or children’s bedroom to suit the season needn’t break the bank or use up oodles of your precious time, and hopefully with the above tweaks and changes you can keep your space fresh and stylish no matter the time of year. Still looking for style inspiration for your new baby’s space? Take a look at this idea for a Monochrome Design!


Monochrome Design


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