Oval Cots FAQs

Pushing the boundary of traditional cot design, oval cots are a relatively new and unique addition to the world of cot beds, which can make choosing them for your little one’s nursery difficult without the facts! We’ve rounded up the key FAQs on these beautiful dainty cot beds so that you can make an informed decision when picking out pieces for your baby’s bedroom.


Are Oval Cot Beds Safe?


All of our cotmeet AS/NZS 2172-2003 safety regulations. Tried and tested with specialist machines, we ensure that they’re fit to withstand the wobbles, jumps, knocks and bumps of family life. Our oval cots are no exception.

Our oval cot’s spindles are spaced at the optimum width to ensure your little one can’t get anything caught in the gaps. The smooth and dainty spindles span the cot, ensuring visibility for your peace of mind, and breathability through increased airflow.


Oval Cot Bed


Where can they be placed?


With a distinct lack of corners, oval cots take up less space in the nursery: they’re perfect for squeezing into a snug or an unusually shaped spot. As they are oval and not round, the straight edges are still great for pushing against the wall. Alternatively, the beautifully unique design makes the oval cot bed a great focal point for the centre of the room! So, the answer to this question really is anywhere!


Oval Bed


Will I struggle to find bedding?


It’s true that you would need to choose special bedding for your oval cot or cot bed, and choosing a mattress that fits perfectly within the cot is essential for your little one’s safety, but at Boori we make this easy for you when purchasing your oval cot. There are options for adding mattresses and bedding in an array of colours on the product page, making your oval cot buying experience swift and fuss-free.




Can an Oval Cot turn into a toddler bed?


Not all oval cots are created equal, but Boori’s Oasis Oval Cot goes above and beyond to ensure your child’s bed lasts until toddlerhood. The innovative conversion technology will see your oval cot bed turn into a toddler bed accessed from the end of the bed to prevent tumbles in the night, and finally a cosy toddler sofa once they’re in their grown-up bed!


Oasis Oval Cot


Are Oval Cots sturdy?


The shape of the oval cot does not make it any less sturdy than a traditionally shaped cot bed. The sturdiness of any cot bed relies on quality, strong materials. The unique curved design of the Eden Oval Cot is crafted from sustainable solid timber, with the base panel made from composite wood, providing support and stability you can rely on.


Eden Oval Cot


Are they easy to move around?


Although strong and sturdy, our oval cots are petite and lightweight, making them easy to move around the nursery. Lockable castors enable fluid movement from room to room, and they can even fit through a standard doorframe!


Oval cot


Well there you have it… All the questions we think you might have about oval cots and cot beds. The Boori team are always here to help if you find more, though. Want to hear more? Read these 5 benefits of an oval cot on the Boori Nest Blog.


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